About Ronnefeldt

Establishing a tea company in Frankfurt, far away from major seaports, was a bold step in the early 19th century. Success story dates back nearly 200 years – now Ronnefeldt one of the world’s leading tea brands served at top hotels thanks to focus on quality and creativity and love of tea.

Tea connoisseurs appreciate Ronnefeldt’s hand-crafted, superior quality teas – every production step is executed carefully, incorporating traditional methods from the picking of the leaves in the tea gardens, blending and tasting of the tea all the way to filling and packing in bags and caddies. Team ensures perfect tea quality for enjoyment through continuous monitoring of every single step.

The quality of tea is a top priority for Ronnefeldt. To meet high standards,specialists select only the best growing countries for companies tea gardens and perform regular quality checks to ensure the compliance of all Ronnefeldt products.

From the well-known tea gardens in Assam and Darjeeling on the slopes of the Himalayas and Yunnan in China, to Japan, Africa and South America – Ronnefeldt is looking for and finding the best teas in the whole world.

Ronnefeldt has been delivering high-class tea for 195 years. Since then, the company is looking back at a long tradition and focuses on enjoyment and luxury products.

About Caffe Vergnano

Caffe Vergnano has a long and prestigious tradition. Its history has been guided by creativity, innovation and passion since 1882

  • 135 Years of experience
  • Managed by Vergnano family for 4 generations
  • 5 family members run the company

Company represents a perfect mix of tradition and innovation. Caffe Vergnano guarantees maximum quality throughout the entire production process, from the choice of origins, to the roasting process. Technological research and environmentally sustainability are the other values that have always distinguished the company and its products.

Caffe Vergnano is looking towards the future with serenity, standing strong on its 13,500 square metre factory and 18 automated production lines. It ranks Italy’s sixth company in retail market, with an Italian presence in 19 regions with over 4,500 HORECA clients, and more than 70 coffee shops 1882 in 19 countries throughout the world. Furthermore, it successfully exports to more than 90 countries.