According to legend, the original recipe for this tea appeared by occasion when, 30 years ago, one of the Ronnefeldt tea-testers sent a box by post to his colleague, where along with tea samples, was a couple of ripe and aromatic mangoes. When the box was opened, everyone was surprised to find that green tea absorbed the fruit sweetness of mango and, when brewed, also had a bright impact on its taste. Morgentau® in German means “Morning Dew”. During its existence, this blend has become a bestseller all over the world, in Russia it has been well known since the beginning of the 2000s, becoming a real visit card of the Ronnefeldt brand. That is why attempts to repeat the success of this popular blend are not uncommon. Some producers - unfortunately - are trying to unscrupulously copy the recipe, and someone even offers their product under a well-known name. Needless to say, both of them literally mislead the consumer. We remind you that the name Morgentau® is a registered trademark, and its original recipe and composition is the intellectual property of Ronnefeldt company, which is protected by relevant laws. Sincerely yours, Gardarika