Not just a drink. For five thousand years, tea has well-deserved popularity and fame. It rightfully takes an honorable second place in the world in consumption among drinks, after ... no, not even coffee - water! Today tea has not just turned into a product or a drink - it occupies an important place in the social and cultural life of many countries around the world. That is why its quality has a paramount importance. The mission of Ronnefeldt company from the moment of its foundation was to create a collection of selected, high-quality teas that can satisfy the expectations and needs of even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of this drink. “It pays to buy a good tea” is the motto of the founder of the company. TeaStar®collection consists of specially selected high-quality tea varieties, made exclusively by the orthodox method. Each tea, harvested in the best tea regions under optimal conditions, has its own unique history. For many years, you can see TeaStar® in the tea menu of the best 5 * hotels around the world. This collection is the embodiment of the dreams and efforts of hundreds of people - from tea pluckers on plantations up to professional tea-testers. Everything for you to make a virtual trip to the famous tea regions of the world and experience all the richness of taste and aroma in every sip from your cup of tea.